Product Range

Reflex Lenses

Pieces with legal requirements of photometry. Which we can ensure with laboratory equipment of the highest technology.

Light Guides

We are experts in the injection of light guides as we offer the best injection process, guaranteeing zero defects of contamination at the time of delivery. Currently light guides are widely used by the market.

Fuel flaps and Fuel filling modules

Experts in injection of black pieces of all types and with high complexity. Managing high quality controls to ensure customer satisfaction.

Light Filters

High level engineering part due to optical technology allowing a maximum degree of light expansion.

Optical Lens

Parts with a high degree of complexity, in which we have become experts in this injection.

2k injection

In Novatec group we have the highest technology in its injection, offering injected parts in 2k. Being this the specialty that characterizes us around the world.

Inner Lens

High engineering parts that help to reflect light in a more sterilized and more focused way either in headlights or in rear lamps.

Light Curtain

A very esthetic piece that allows a control of the light that is produced inside the headlights.

Exterior and interior parts for plating and painting

Plastic parts with specific requirements of either 1k or 2k in which hard and soft materials are mixed.

We implement the best technology